Website Design


K&H Automotive

A Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen certified collision center.

K&H uses their site to show their services and showcase their exceptional facility. They report that they have received many jobs thanks to this website. Customers too, comment on the quality of the site and say it reflects the actual experience at K&H.

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National Insurance Agency

An independent insurance provider that needs to show ther services, introduce their staff, and offer helpful information to their customers. We've even incorporated some industry videos to help visitors understand different insurance types.

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Winner Ford Fleet

A site built for Winner Ford Cherry Hill's Fleet division.

Allows customers to view different fleet vehicles from Ford, get contact information, and learn more about Winner Ford Fleet 's services. Site includes a slideshow and video integration.

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The original and only Magnacycle is back!

This page was designed to show the motorcycles and annouce that parts and entire bikes are available. A photo gallery of vintage magazine stories for those that would like to know more about Magnacycle's history.

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The Fish Factory

This client needed a new site to show the store, and showcase their services. This was very important as their previous web services supplier wasn't updating the site.

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Telefilm Transfers Site Image 

Telefilm Transfers

Telefilm Transfers has a long history of film to video transfers. This site displays their services to both existing and potential dealers of their services.


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Flannery Automotive Website Image 

Bill Flannery Automotive

A site built for Bill Flannery Automotive, a PPG Platinum distributor.


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Flannery Automotive Website Image 

Law Offices of Mitchell L. Chambers, Esq.

Mitchell L. Chambers needed an updated, professional site. We're thankful he selected us.


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EJ Montgomery Website Image 

EJ Montgomery Contractors

This clean, simple site was built to showcase projects and provide contact info for this contractor.


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Why Us?

As advertising professionals, with "in house" design, writing and production's easy to see why we should develop your web presence.

While there's no shortage of companies that can build a website...most simply don't have skillset to write effective copy, or the ability to handle the photography and video that may be needed. This gives The Sherwood Group, Ltd., (and it's clients) a decided advantage.

Who would know better how to do this than an agency with decades of experience? We handle the writing, photography...whatever is needed. Our mission is to make it easy on you. One-stop shopping for your website.

• Clean, easy to navigate websites.
• Exceptional copy writing.
• On-site digital photography.
• Video integration.
• Hosting and maintenance.

Website Management

We can also often take over management duties of existing sites. In fact, we have met many new clients due to other web providers that simply didn't respond promptly or take care of the client's requests. Many sites, like new car dealers use...are built on a third party site to ensure intergration with the factory for incentives and inventory. We can add our creative copy, graphics and more to keep your site up to date and relevant.

Chances are, if your site is more than a few years old, it needs to be updated or replaced. Google regularly changes their view of how sites should be and penalize search results if it doesn't fit their requirements.

We can't stress strongly enough...that no business is too small. We're a small business too and understand the obstacles you face on a daily basis.

A Final Word About Today's Websites...

Today's sites should be responsive...meaning they re-configure to display correctly on different size screens. Without this, some search engines may penalize your search results from mobile devices.

We also can install ADA tools to help those with mobility, vision or hearing concerns to visit your site. While there's currently no ADA "official" definition of an ADA Compliant site, we think it's better to be on the safe side to avoid potential concerns.

Remember, we're not the normal tech/web folks. We answer the phone. We return calls promptly. We speak in everyday English. Your job is more than important to us...and we're thankful for your business.