Radio Spots & Audio Production

Broadcast radio production from the writing to the final edit...all in house with The Sherwood Group, Ltd.

Over 40 years! On-call announcers, licensed music, sound effects, and of course...the effective copywriting of The Sherwood Group, Ltd.

Fast turnaround too.

We developed the very effective Sherwood "Multi-Trak" sound...more copy in the spot...without sounding rushed.
Of course, we also record the sound tracks for our video productions. If you'd like to hear more...head over to the video production pages.

A few samples...some old, I mean...vintage...some newer.





Winner Ford, Cherry Hill

Martin Main Line Honda

McCafferty Auto Group

Stockburger Chrysler

Graham Motor Company

Bill Marsh Ford

On Hold

There's no better way to reach your best prospects...the ones that have already called.

Just tell us what you'd like your customers to know..and we'll do the rest. We can even supply the playback equipment if needed. One message...or a package...the choice is yours.

  • • Make special offers.
  • • Tie into current sales events.
  • • Tell callers about your services.
  • • Direct callers to your website.
  • • Inform about your hours of operation.
  • • Company news or history.

Why Use Sherwood's "Commercials On Hold"?

Studies have proven that people placed on hold with only silence think they were on hold longer than they actually were. Callers placed on hold with an on hold system believe their time on hold was shorter than it actually was...and more importantly...are receptive to offers mentioned on-hold.

A few samples...

K&H Automotive

Capital Investments

Bill Flannery Automotive

The Fish Factory

Horizon Structures


Important notice. If you're using a radio station or recorded music for your on hold...a license fee must be paid or risk a hefty fine from the music unions. We've heard of a fine as high as $400,000. Rest assured, we only use licensed music from our library.